what are you made of

What are you made of?

A clay jar was a vessel used by servants, not kings, and Paul uses the term “jars of clay” to describe a believer’s life. A clay jar may appear common on the “outside” but the value is the treasure on the “inside”. (2 Cor. 4:7) The presence & the power of an all-sufficient God dwells in us! He empowers us to bear up under a persecuting, pressing & perplexing world. We’re not crushed, destroyed or overwhelmed by despair. (4:8,9) God doesn’t abandon us but uses the attacks & abuses we receive from this world to display His remarkable strength & purpose through us. God is still in the business of making jars of clay to be filled & used for His glory. We are made for the pleasure & purpose of the King of Kings…a clay jar in the hands of a Holy God!